janell paup

Janell Paup


employee spotlight

Janell Paup has been at KRB since 2001. She has worn alot of hats, finance, HR and caring for everyone at KRB. Service is important to Janell and she really enjoys helping employees with any issues they may have.

Janell likes coming to work every day because she likes what she does. Each day is never the same for her. The people are another reason Janell likes working at KRB, she explains, "It's a great team! ... the company cares about their employees, sees the best in everyone and offers many opportunities."

Janell is married and has a daughter and two granddaughters. She and her husband have a cabin they enjoy. They get a lot of steps in doing a lot of hiking. Janell lives on a farm with her horses, goats, chickens and Jessie, a border collie. She has a big garden and freezes the veggies she raises to enjoy all year long. Janell enjoys being outdoors and walking in the evenings. She loves spending quality time with her granddaughters and extended family.