211 RX


Bend more rebar hands free

Hands Free Rebar Bending:

The machine bends two #11 - 40mm rebars simultaneously, effectively doubling your rebar bending output.

Automatic Clamps and Positioning:

The clamps and bar positioners automatically adjust based on the programmed bend shape, minimizing setup time and ensuring accuracy.

Automated Center Supports:

The 211 RX features fully automated center supports that deploy or stow away to support the bars during the bending process, eliminating manual adjustments.

Improved Operator Safety:

Light curtain prevents operators from entering the bending area while the machine is operational. Stow-away tooling trays eliminate trip hazards. Air-assisted tool removal reduces operator fatigue and strain.

Enhanced Controls:

The intuitive control system allows for faster setup times and minimizes the risk of operator errors.