211 RX 3D


bend large 3d rebar shapes hands free


Compared to traditional table benders, the MAGNABEND 211 significantly increases bending production. You can do 25 tons/shift with one operator compared to 5-7 tons on a table bender. This translates to faster project completion and lower labor costs. You can bend large 3D stirrup shapes hands free! 

Hands Free Bending Process:

Fully automated center supports deploy and stow away to provide support for the rebar during complex bends. The machine automatically grips and guides the rebar throughout the bending process, freeing operators to focus on other tasks and improving overall efficiency.

Enhanced Safety Features:

A laser scanner covers the table suring the bend cycle. A light curtain prevents operators from entering the bending area while the machine is in operation. Stow-away tooling trays eliminate trip hazards and keep the workspace organized. Lighter tooling with air-assisted removal reduces operator strain and fatigue.

User-Friendly Controls:

The Magnabend 211 RX 3D features an intuitive control panel that simplifies setup and reduces the potential for operator errors.