Every KRB Table Bender comes with a laser scanner that covers the table top as standard equipment.

The #14 Mechanical Bender is a proven workhorse for bending reinforcing bar. The rugged, heavy welded steel construction combined with simple mechanical drive assures continuous operation under adverse conditions. Forward or reverse bending enables all types of bending to be performed with ease.

KRB Bender Head 2000 controller has 9 bend stations, set up by either numeric counts or by degree of bend angle, 99 memory storage locations, encoder and home switch error detection.

KRB BCD Table Bender controller is capable of downloading from a host computer or the shape can be scanned from a 2D bar code. This unique controller will actually show the dimensions for setting up the bends. In other words, it shows the chalk mark for the proper bend location. This eliminates test bends and minimizes set-up time. This control also makes a perfect training tool for new bender operators.