The #14 Mechanical Bender is a workhorse designed for continuous operation under tough conditions. Its rugged, heavy welded steel construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Durable Tube Steel Frame Construction withstands demanding environments of reabr fabrication shops. The simple Mechanical Drive ensures reliable operation with minimal maintenance. A Laser Scanner increases operator safety by retricting the no go zone during bending. The simple supplied controller lets operators program complex bends with ease.

Upgrade to the BCD Controller to take your bending operation to the next level.

Download from Host Computer: Streamline complex bends directly from your design software. 2D Barcode Scanning: Eliminate manual measurements with convenient barcode integration. Visual Bend Setup: The controller displays the exact bend location, eliminating test bends and saving you time. Perfect for Training: The intuitive interface makes it easy for new operators to learn the machine quickly.