Unmatched Saftey

The KRB 11M Radius Bender effortlessly forms precise radius bends in a wide range of rebar sizes, maximizing its application in various projects.

Pre-Bending Not Required:

This efficient machine eliminates the need for pre-bending the bar before forming the radius, saving time and streamlining the bending process.

VFD Motor and Integrated Rollers:

The KRB 11M comes standard with a variable frequency drive (VFD) motor for precise control and integrated rollers in the table top for smooth and efficient material feeding.

Large Tabletop with Integrated Rollers:

The oversized tabletop design keeps operator's hands a safe distance from pinch points while the integrated rollers ensure effortless material handling.

Safety Switches:

E-stops can be positioned for optimal operator convenience, and bumper guards at the table's edge for comprehensive operator protection promoting a safe work environment.