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KRB Shearlines are the pinnacle of American-made rebar shearing technology, designed to maximize your rebar fabrication process. These innovative systems prioritize operator safety and are engineered to maximize productivity, making them the perfect solution for shops of all sizes.

Modular Design for Scalable Production:

The KRB Shearline's modular design allows for a customized system configuration to perfectly match your specific production requirements and future growth plans.

Increased Throughput and Reduced Labor Costs:

KRB Shearlines deliver exceptional shearing speed and precision, streamlining rebar processing while minimizing labor needs, ultimately boosting your shop's profitability.

Seamless Integration:

These shearlines integrate seamlessly with production software systems for optimized workflow, material management, and efficient order fulfillment.

Reduced Downtime:

The KRB Shearline's robust design ensures reliable performance and minimal downtime, keeping your production running smoothly.